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July and August, 2016

Pews to be Removed to Expedite Painting
pews to be removed
According to Project Manager Steve Peart, and in consultation with Head Trustee Otis Anderson, we have come to a point of needing to remove the pews in the church in order to expedite the painting of the areas above them.
            Saturday, July 9th has been scheduled for all possible volunteers to spend the day helping out. The church will be open by 9:00 a.m. and the work will commence immediately. There is no mass scheduled for that Saturday evening anyway, but hopefully everything can be finished before suppertime.
All the pews excepting the ones in and under the balcony will need to be removed, carried out the front door, and onto a flatbed, to be carried around to the wide doors entering the cafeteria where they will be stored.  Folding chairs will need to be set up in church to accommodate people at worship.
The rewards for volunteers will be donuts, pizza, good times together, and a real sense of genuine progress in the continuation of our project. Even if you are not able to do the lifting, you could be useful for odd jobs while others do that part.
 Up to this point we have had days on which volunteers have come together to erect scaffolding, move pews around, and in other ways prepare the parts of the nave on which our painter has been working, but it has now become clear that the next part of the project, over most of the pews, would move along in a much more labor- and cost- efficient way if the pews were taken out all at once.
What has yet to be determined is whether we will continue to use scaffolding exclusively, or whether perhaps we could rent a lift. This depends on affordability and whether the flooring can support the weight of the lift machine that would be brought in. The church council will no doubt be discussing our options at the meeting scheduled Wednesday night June 22nd, just after this newsletter goes to print.
Regardless of whether we rent a lift or not, the determination has been made to remove the pews, and the date has been set. The project moves forward!

No Elders or Altar Guild in July

Due to pastor’s absence, there will be no first Monday meetings in July. Altar Guild and Elders resume August 2nd.

Dorothy Baumgartner Laid to Rest

Former longtime member Dorothy Baumgartner and her husband Will, who had had a career here as an ear, nose, and throat physician, moved to Florida in the mid-1970s. They had been active members at St. Paul’s for many years and transferred to a church in Naples. Her husband died in 1985 and was buried here, at Evergreen Cemetery, Pastor Kenneth Wegener presiding at the graveside ceremony.

Several weeks ago Dorothy died, at the age of 98, and her remains were also transported back to Kewanee for burial next to her husband. Pastor Eckardt performed her graveside ceremony on Saturday, June 11, for several family members who had gathered.

Her daughter Judy, of Iowa City, left us a $1,000 gift for the renovation project, in her memory. The following letter was sent to her on June 14th:

Dear Mrs. Juvan,

It was an honor to serve as officiant at the graveside ceremony for your mother Dorothy Baumgartner last Saturday.

Thank you, also, for the kind and generous donation you have given to the church in the amount of $1,000 in her memory. This will be added to our renovation fund; as I mentioned to you, the project is underway, and is a step forward in faith. Your contribution is a great encouragement to us.

Sincerely in Christ,

+ Burnell Eckardt, pastor

July Ushers: Steve Peart, Grant Andresen, Larry Campbell

August Ushers: Otis Anderson, John Ricknell, David Ricknell, Bill Thompson

Catechesis to Resume in August

Saturday catechesis is set to resume the first Saturday in August.

Letter to Governor Rauner Opposing Changes to the Health Care Right of Conscience Act

SB 1564, as amended by Senate Amendment 3, undermines the conscience protections of healthcare providers inviting intimidation and legal action against pro-life healthcare providers and threatening the core mission of pregnancy resource centers that offer women alternatives to abortion. SB 1564, as amended by Senate Amendment No. 3, would undo the strong conscience protections for health care providers that Illinois currently has in place. The bill would require providers to tell patients about “legal treatment options” and “benefits of treatment options.”  In addition, all providers who do not provide the service requested by a patient must refer, transfer or provide in writing a list of facilities where the provider “reasonably believes” the patient will be able to obtain the service. In other words, every doctor, pharmacist and pro-life pregnancy center in the state will have to help a woman obtain an abortion whenever asked. The following objection has been entered, encouraging the Governor to veto the bill.

June 20, 2016
Dear Governor Rauner,

I am writing to urge you to veto SB 1564, which, as you know, has been passed by the Illinois House and Senate, but which I believe to be unconstitutional and a violation of religious freedom. It would force some Americans to violate their own religious principles, forcing them in some cases to refer patients for abortion, sterilization, and some end-of-life care.  If medical workers are morally obligated to abide by the Hippocratic oath, how can an act the State requiring them to violate it be justifiable? Especially in a nation such as ours which celebrates the constitutional mandate of the freedom of religion.

I know the members of my parish (St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Kewanee), and members across the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod with which we are affiliated, to be in agreement with the sentiments I am expressing here.

Respectfully yours,

Rev. Burnell Eckardt, pastor

Altar Guild News
No mass Saturday, July 9th or Saturday, July 23rd

Wednesday masses cancelled July 6th, 13th, and 20th. Wednesday mass resumes July 27th.

Color is Green throughout July, and on all August weekends.

Wednesday, August 10th, St. Laurence, Deacon. Color: Red.

Wednesday, August 17th, Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, obs. (August 15th) Color: White.

Wednesday, August 24th, St. Bartholomew, Apostle. Color: Red.

July and August Birthdays

7/2 Dana McReynolds
7/4 Sarah Kraklow
7/5 Sandra Verplaetse
7/7 Stephen Harris     
7/10 Otis Anderson   
7/10 Dale Baker         
7/13 Gayle Beauprez  
7/14 Pastor Eckardt
7/16 Robert Schoen
7/20 Julie Janik
7/23 Donna Harlow
7/20 Anna Baker
7/30 Peggy Janik

8/2 Shania Kraklow
8/2  Joyce Long
8/9  Donald Kegebein
8/11  Sam Fisher
8/11  Judy Thompson
8/13  Donald Murphy
8/16  Trista Dooley
8/17  Steven Peart
8/21  John Sovanski
8/24  Becky Russell
8/27  Steve Peart

July, August Anniversaries

7/1/1951 John and Emilie Ricknell

8/1/2009 Chris and Trista Dooley
8/2/1975 Raymond and Carol Robinson
8/21/1998 Daniel and Jill Powers

Shut ins

Mary Hamilton at home; Wear at Williamsfield Home in Williamsfield.

Pastor’s Travel Plans

Three times during July I will be away, and three Sundays will be covered by visiting pastors.

We plan to visit two of my sisters in Colorado, during the first week in July. This affects only a Wednesday mass (July 6th) which will be cancelled.

But the Missouri Synod’s national convention will be held in Milwaukee, beginning Saturday, July 9th, and running until Thursday the 14th. I am to be the Peoria Circuit Pastoral Delegate, which means I will be away on the 10th. Pastor Mark Nelson from Trinity in Peoria has agreed to fill the pulpit for me that day.

Upon returning from Milwaukee, we have plans to take our summer vacation in Northern Wisconsin the following week.

Pastor Mike Bahr from Springfield will be here to fill in on July 17th, and Central Illinois District President Mark Miller will be here on the 24th.
+ Pastor

Thanks for the Prayers

Jim Bitting, the brother of Judy Thompson, was on our prayer list for several weeks, and his health has improved. He wishes to thank the members of the church for their prayers.

In Our Prayers

Our current list of prayer intentions at mass includes the names on the lists here following.  To update the list please inform the pastor.
in our parish:
Denny Schoen, Sandra Verplaetse, Emilie Ricknell, Linda Rowe, Don Murphy, Kris Harden, Mary Hamilton, Emmy Wear
      and also:
Anna Rutowicz [granddaughter of Harrises]
Julie Ross [Svetlana Meaker’s daughter]
Jill Matchett [at request of Diana Shreck]
Lorene Foglesong [at request of the Kraklows]
Cathy Van Wassenhove [re Sandra Verplaetse]
Shelly DeBord [at request of the Watsons]
Robin Hampton [at request of the Watsons]
Maria Thorndike [at request of the Murphys]
Annie Eastman [at request of Svetlana Meaker]
Emily Corzine [Sarah’s sister]
Nancy Popejoy [relative of Sharon Hartz]
Jeff Autery [friend of Chris Erickson, with cancer]
John Molburg [friend of Sandra Verplaetse]
Dave Colgron [friend of Tom Wells]
Shannon Watson [Jim’s daughter]
Ray Zarvell
Maxine Bitting [Judy Thompson’s sister-in-law]
Noah Muske [relative of Kraklows]
        in the military
John Eckardt
Donny Appleman [at request of the Ricknells]
Thomas Kim [at request of the Shrecks]
Michael Creech [at request of the Murphys]
Katherine Creech [at request of the Murphys]
Richard Heiden [at request of the Eckardts]
Carter Wills [grandson of the Thompsons]
Luke Van Landigan [grandson of Dick Melchin]
Jaclyn Alvarez [daughter of Kris Harden]
  in trouble
any unborn children in danger of abortion
those suffering from unrest, persecution, and imprisonment in the Congo, Tanzania, North Korea, and elsewhere.

June 27 Annual Church Picnic to be at Kraklows’

The annual church picnic is to be held, God willing, at the home of Allan and Barb Kraklow south of Toulon this year. The date is our traditional last Sunday in June, which this year will be June 26th, as soon after church and Bible Class as you can arrive. As usual, it’s a potluck, and bring your own table service. The nearby map has arrows penciled in, showing the way to the farm. Turn south off the main street in Toulon (where the bank is) and follow the road as it leads out of Toulon, angling slightly to the east and then turning south again. Within two miles there is a dirt road that turns east to the farm.  If you get lost, call 309-238-7270 and Barb can guide you in. Everyone come enjoy some summer fun you’re your beloved church family! Bring outdoor toys, Frisbees, etc. if you want, or just bring a smile on your face.

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