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September 2014

Oktoberfest Again!

October 12-14, 2014 (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)

Our Nineteenth Annual Oktoberfest! and Gottesdienst Central will be hosting the Rev. John Stephenson, PhD, Professor of Historical Theology at Concordia Lutheran Seminary in St. Catherine’s, Ontario. 
A renowned confessional Lutheran scholar, Dr. Stephenson has received degrees from Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham. He is the author of volumes 12 (Lord's Supper) and 13 (Eschatology) of the series Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics, of which he is the editor in succession to Rev. Dr Robert Preus.  His areas of scholarly interest include the works of Pastor Wilhelm Loehe, who, though he never came to America, trained many of the first pastors in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Dr. Stephenson will bring us his insights on 

“The Blessed Sacrament in the Theology of Wilhelm Loehe”

The event begins Sunday the 12th with choral vespers at 5 pm.  Following the service is our annual bratwurst banquet.  When everyone has had their fill of brats and beer, Dr. Stephenson will give a synopsis of his Monday seminar.  Following the banquet is the after-the-party party, at Pastor Eckardt’s home, where, as always, a gaggle of the editors of Gottesdienst will be milling about.
On Monday October 13th, the day begins with mass at 9:00 a.m. Following mass and a continental breakfast, Dr. Stephenson will hold forth for the rest of the day, in two sessions running until about 2:45, followed by vespers.
On Tuesday October 14th, the conference will continue without Dr. Stephenson, as those who remain will discuss the rubrics and significance of the Mass from the Preface to the Nunc Dimittis.  The Tuesday sessions, will be framed by morning low mass (spoken Divine Service) and Vespers.

REGISTRATION FOR MEMBERS OF ST. PAUL IS FREE. (For non-members, it is $40 per person, students $20, $60 per couple). Registration includes Sunday banquet and Monday continental; there is no charge for children with parents.  Register by using the space provided in the church’s weekly bulletin, or by email ( Let us know which days you plan to attend.  Lodging for out-of-towners: AmericInn. 309-856-7200.  Special rate $97.66, ($17 off the listed price—mention Oktoberfest when you register, by September 21st). Aunt Daisy’s B & B, 888-422-4148; Quality Inn, 309-853-8800; Days Inn (Sheffield), 815-454-2361; Best Western (Annawan), 309-935-6565; Kewanee Motor Lodge, 309-853-4000.

Support your congregation! Set aside Sunday and Monday, October 12th and 13h for Oktoberfest! And Tuesday too, if you can do it!

Volunteers sought! If you are able, we could really use your help.  We are a small congregation, and with Dr. Stephenson coming, we expect this year’s Oktoberfest will bring extra guests.  So please step forward and offer your help: everyone pulling together makes the preparations a lot easier.  We need volunteers!

Special Guest Preacher Peter Eckardt on August 31st.

On Sunday, August 31st, the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, seminary graduate Peter Eckardt is slated to preach here at 8:30. Peter is returning to seminary for a year of graduate work, so he has not yet been ordained, but he received his Master’s of Divinity last Spring. Mark your calendar for a special day!

Welcome Josh Campbell!
On completion of adult catechetical instruction, Josh Campbell was received into communicant membership on July 27th.  Josh had been attending for some time with his father, Larry Campbell; both live in Bishop Hill. We welcome Josh as a communicant member with joyful hearts!

Saturday August 30th in Limbo
As of the preparation of this newsletter, Amanda Eckardt is in the hospital, ready to give birth to her and Burnie’s second daughter, and the fourth Eckardt grandchild. As was the case when Beverly was born, a Saturday Baptism is scheduled, with Pastor doing the baptizing again. Tentatively, this would mean Saturday evening mass on August 30th or possibly September 6th would be cancelled. Stay tuned.

Good News on Windows, Health Plan
At our special voters’ assembly held August 17th, we received good news from Trustee Otis Anderson that the insurance and contractual arrangements have been worked out in such a way that we will be having our damaged stained-glass windows repaired at no cost to the congregation. The windows above the organ were damaged during our windy month of April. Our insurer, Grinnell-Mutual Insurance, has agreed to pay for the repairs, at roughly the cost of $16,000. Following this report the voters moved to go ahead with repairs.
Pastor Eckardt also reported on the option to go to a new high deductible plan offered by Concordia Plan Services. Our current plan, which was restructured for us just over a year ago, has been saving us roughly $1,000 per month in premiums.
The new plan is structured differently, but it appears highly likely to result in additional significant savings to the congregation (barring catastrophic expenses to more than one family member in a calendar year, in which unlikely case it would end up costing about $2000 more overall). The congregation therefore also voted to go ahead with the new plan.

Rally Day and Autumn Catechesis

On Sunday, August 31st, the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, we’ll be starting over all over again.  First, a new Sunday school term starts up. 
            Also a new catechetical cycle begins—for our young people, for prospective new members, or for current members who want to review—scheduled to begin on Saturday, September 6th, at 9 am.  ANYONE may attend.  Bring your friends, bring your family, or come by yourself if you want. 

Choir Rehearsals
Regular choir rehearsals resumed Wednesday evening, August 20th, as we prepare for Oktoberfest.  This gives us a mere month and a half to get ready. This year a recording of the music is being prepared, to enable all choir members to listen and practice on their own. This way, out-of –towners can also be part of the choir.  We’ll have some new music, and, as always, have lots of fun.

September Birthdays
9/1 John Ricknell
9/10 Jan Schoen         
9/15 Chuck Russell
9/17 Mary Beth Jones
9/18 DeAnne Anderson
9/19 Jaclyn Kraklow
9/19 Jamie Kraklow   
9/28 Allan Kraklow

September Ushers: Alan Kraklow, Steve Kraklow, Tom Wells

September Anniversaries
9/18/1976 Tom and Sue Ann Wells
9/24/1977 Dennis and Janice Schoen

First Tuesday
First Tuesday Altar Guild and Elders meetings will be held on September 2nd.  Altar Guild at 6 p.m.; Vespers is at 6:45, and Elders meet at 7:15.
Shut ins

Mary Hamilton at home; Anna Baker at home; Emmy Wear at Williamsfield Home in Williamsfield.

The Lighter Side
The other day Joyce Long showed me a note she had found and cut from an old magazine (Reader’s Digest, perhaps?), a decades-old letter from a Nancy Eckardt regarding her husband Burnell F. Eckardt, MD (my mother and father).  Here’s the note:
bugged by it

MY HUSBAND, Bumell F. Eckardt, M.D., a naval lieu­tenant commander during World War II, was the South Pacific malaria-control of­ficer from 1942 to ’44. Fol­lowing the war, we met and married.
In our small apartment, in Rochester, Minnesota, I grew a pretty vine from a potato in a pot. It was green and lovely, but in the sum­mer heat, it developed an awful odor, so I put it out on the back porch.
After he finished work that day, my husband came in and exclaimed, “I was malaria-control officer of the entire South Pacific, and I now come home to find that my wife is breed­ing mosquitoes!”
Burnell recognized the odor of mosquito larvae in the potato water.
Nancy Eckardt
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Altar Guild News
Notes for September:
There are four Sundays this month.  Their color is green. All Wednesdays are also green. On Wednesday, October 1st, we will be observing the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels (Michaelmas), and the color is white.
Holy Cross Day (Sept 14th) and St. Matthew’s day (Sept. 21st) fall on Sundays this year, and will be observed only with second collects.

Jazz on the Side

Your favorite local jazz band will be on the main stage Sunday afternoon during Hog Days (Aug. 31). Come hear Steve Harris on the bari sax, and Pastor on the ivories, as part of this 16 piece band that plays big-band favorites and others, from 11:30 until 1:00.

Regional Youth Conference

On Saturday October 4th from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm, Zion Lutheran Church in Lincoln, IL will be hosting a Regional Youth Conference. The theme is “The 2nd Book of Moses: Exodus.” This fall, we will learn about the Exodus of Israel from Egypt. From life under the Egyptian yoke to the receiving of the Law at Mt. Sinaiwe will see how The Lord revealed Himself and shaped His people during this important time. Special attention will be given to what life was like in Egypt as well as the early life and call of Moses. The youth will learn about the victory of The Lord over the false gods of the Egyptians and the great gift of the Passover. The conference will also focus upon the Israelites at Sinai: the Law and the distinction between the Moral, Ceremonial, and Civil laws; and the idolatry of the golden calf and how we as Christians are to cultivate disgust for wickedness and zeal for The Lord. While learning about the Exodus, and especially the Tabernacle, The Angel of the Lord’s saving and powerful presence will be emphasized.

At the conference, presentations and sectionals on these and other topics will be led by local pastors and lay leaders. During the day we will have a healthy balance of worship, learning, and fun; the first half of the day at Zion Lutheran Church and the second at Zion Lutheran School.

Jr. High Youth (6th-8th) and Sr. High Youth (9th-12th): Cost will be $10.00 a person, which will include donuts and juice in the morning, lunch, a Grill-out in the evening, and all activities. Several churches from the Central Illinois, Northern Illinois, and Iowa East District are already planning to attend. Please encourage your Jr. and Sr. High parents to send their children to this conference, and I would especially encourage parents and pastors to attend as well.

Chaperones: Make sure that you bring an adequate number of chaperones, at least one chaperone for every 10 youth. Cost for chaperones is $10.00 as well.

Registration: Please have parents complete the individual registration form. As you get a count of how many are attending, email or call with the number of youth and chaperones attending from your church. (We of course appreciate you telling us ASAP) If you are far away, and you cannot make the 9:00-9:30 registration time, don't worry, you can come late, just inform us and we'll work something out. Same applies if you need to leave early. Remember to bring completed and signed individual registration forms with you to Lincoln.

Feel free to call or email me with any questions.

In Christ,
Pastor David Ramirez

Zion Lutheran Church-Lincoln, IL
(217) 732-3946

In Our Prayers
Our current list of prayer intentions at mass includes the names on the lists here following.  To update the list, please inform pastor. 
In our parish:
Ann Baker, Emilie Ricknell, John Ricknell, Linda Rowe, John Sovanski, Jean Russell

Outside our parish:
Anna Rutowicz [re Harris]
Julie Ross [Svetlana Meaker’s daughter, cancer]
Caleb Cleaver [Ricknell]
Madison Lindsay [re Andersons]
Jill Matchett [re Shreck]
Anthony Strand [re Murphys]
Edna Day [Chris Harden’s mother-in-law, cancer]
Carolyn Lewis [re Campbells]
Barb Fornoff [re Russells]
Lorene Foglesong [re Kraklows]
Corbin Gonzales [re Russell]
Harold Harfst, [re Murphy]
Nancy Eckardt [Pastor’s mother]
David Wexell [re Verplaetse]
Cathy Van Wassenhove [re Verplaetse]
Carl Hepner [re Kraklow]
Duane Kraklow [brother of Allan]
Lois Hopkins [re Kemerling]
Pastors Don Chambers, [Manito], Brian Feicho [E. St. Louis], Glenn Niemann [Pekin], Arthur Baisch [Arkansas], and Adam Jacobsen  [Mattoon]
(prayers continued, back page)
(Prayers, continued from page 4)

In the military

John Eckardt
Donny Appleman [re Ricknell]
Thomas Kim [re Shreck]
Jaclyn Harden Alvarez
Michael and Katherine Creech [re Murphy]
and Richard Heiden [re Eckardt]

In distress:
especially any unborn children in danger of abortion, and those suffering from unrest, persecution, and imprisonment in Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Nigeria, North Korea, and elsewhere.

Persecution details:

IRAQ: Intense Persecution continues unabated

Horror and chaos continue to abound in Iraq, as armed jihadists of the militant group "Islamic State" (IS, also referred to as ISIS) took over the country's largest Christian town, Qaraqosh, and nearby Christian settlements early on August 7th. Qaraqosh, a city of about 50,000 people in Nineveh Province, sits between Mosul and Erbil, the capital of the Kurdish region. IS took over Mosul in July, and many of the city's remaining Christians fled eastward to Qaraqosh, sometimes called the Christian capital of Iraq.
Tens of thousands have fled from Qaraqosh and surrounding areas, with many seeking refuge in Kurdish-controlled parts of the country. The militants now occupying Qaraqosh's churches have removed crosses and destroyed thousands of valuable manuscripts. "There are 100,000 displaced Christians who have fled with nothing but their clothes, some of them on foot, to reach the Kurdistan region," a Chaldean Patriarch explained. However, those who make it to Kurdistan often find themselves without shelter or even water in the blistering heat. Thousands of other minority groups have also been targeted by IS, including ethnic Yazidis.
Since their offensive attacks began in June, IS has ordered followers of Christianity residing in captured towns to either convert to Islam, pay a tax to remain in these communities as Christians, leave, or ultimately die. Unfortunately, believers apprehended by the militants have been ruthlessly attacked or killed.
The ultimatum was initially set for noon on July 18th, but was then extended by 24 hours. Earlier, the Islamic State (IS) sought the takeover of houses belonging to members of minority communities by marking them with the phrase "property of the Islamic State" -- including homes that were still inhabited by families. Christian houses were marked with the letter "N" for "Nazarite."
It is believed that most Christian families have now fled from Mosul, many to areas of northern Iraq under Kurdish control. Some fleeing families were reportedly stopped at checkpoints manned by IS militants who ruthlessly confiscated their personal belongings, including money, jewelry and mobile phones.
The Chaldean Archbishop of Erbil, Bashar M. Warda, said of this upsetting news: "Christians have lost their trust in the land and in the future. Since 2003, two-thirds of the Christians have left the country. June was the first month in 1,600 years in which Mosul did not celebrate any mass. The attack on Christians has been immense."

 St. Paul’s Ev. Lutheran Church
   109 S. Elm Street

   Kewanee, IL 61443

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